"I want to be a superstar and be the pillar of support for my family. I want to bet my whole life on this. I am someone who will become a star." - Kim Jiwon
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Team B - Just Another boy - requested by ilovehopanda

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VOCALJUNHOE is opening its very first APPLICATION PERIOD for those interested to become admins. As of now since the blog is just starting out, at most two people will be hired.

If you wish to be part of VOCALJUNHOE, you must:

  • be a member of Team B’s Official Fancafe
  • have basic knowledge on how to use and navigate through websites such as Naver, Nate, Daum, and Weibo
  • know how to sign up, level up, browse for data, and follow rules in fansites
  • be willing to sacrifice time and exert effort to keep the blog updated


If you are up for the challenge, please fill in the following:

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Tumblr URL:
  • Email Address (preferably the one you’re using for your main blog):
  • Country & Timezone:
  • Any PREVIOUS / CURRENT experience of being a blog admin (please specify which blog(s) and when):
  • Active SNS / messaging accounts (Twitter, Skype, KakaoTalk, Line, etc.):
  • Hours you are willing to give for VOCALJUNHOE:
  • Any message for VOCALJUNHOE:

Send in your application forms with the subject VOCALJUNHOE ADMIN APPLICATION to vocaljunhoe@gmail.com. Application period is open until further notice. Responses will be sent via email asap.

Be part of the VOCALJUNHOE family! :)

Thank you and good luck!

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bobby hits on taehyun + taehyun goes to mino


WIN has approached its final episode and we all know who the WINNER is. And congratulations once again to TEAM A!

But as a promise to TEAM B, we will continue loving them and waiting for them with high hopes! Thus, VOCALJUNHOE was born!

It’s a blog dedicated to Team B’s vocal, GOO JUNHOE. Follow the blog for updates on Junhoe and Team B, and if you’re in for some looking back too since the posts date back to the beginning of WIN during the first press conference.

This blog will keep going until Junhoe and the rest of Team B come back and we get to see them again. It’s a promise we’re making — that we will wait for TEAM B. :)

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is it just me or ..?

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